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The Many Advantages of Choosing to Wear a Night Guard

One of the more common types of dental services people take on is wearing a night guard. This is usually to protect teeth from being worn down after consistent clenching or grinding, which is a condition called bruxism. There are a few other reasons for wearing a night guard, including: Jaw pain reduction Stop jaw […]

Debunking 4 Common Misconceptions About Teeth Whitening

There’s nothing more visually appealing than having a complete set of pearly white teeth. As it is often said, “smile and the world smiles back at you.” Not only does it make you appear more attractive, but it also boosts your self-confidence and relationships with the people around you. This is ultimately why having a […]

Why You Should See a Dentist for Your Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are a nuisance, often erupting unexpectedly and causing extreme discomfort. In some cases, people have difficulty chewing their food and conducting day to day activities because of the pain in their jaw. Indeed, it appears that most of the “wisdom” brought about by these new teeth is the experience of pain! In the […]

5 Dental Tips and Tricks to Keep In Mind During the Holidays

The holidays are often a time of increased consumption for everybody. People do certainly eat and drink a lot more during these months, which creates a number of concerns related to their oral health. Your teeth and gums will likely be exposed to food and beverages that may affect them in certain ways.  As such, […]

Are Sodas to Blame for Tooth Enamel Damage?

Few things are more refreshing than taking an ice-cold during a hot summer day. While many people opt for smoothies or beers, others enjoy the cool kick of soda. Even though these bubbly beverages are great for coping with sweltering weather, they can have irreversible side effects on your teeth.   These fizzy drinks may […]

Major Causes of Teeth Discoloration—What to Know & Avoid

There is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than having a complete set of pearly white teeth. Not only will it give you a perfect smile, but it will also boost your overall confidence. However, it’s easy to see most people, especially older individuals, with yellowish teeth or even stained ones. For the most part, people typically […]

5 Tips to Help Kids Overcome Fear of Dentists – How to Prepare Them

It is only fair that children associate dental clinics as a scary environment, especially when they associate it with tooth extraction or dental injections. However, it should not always be the case. Dental care is vital to one’s overall health. Early training of your kids will allow you to escape all the drama whenever the […]

Our Guide To Tooth Pain When You Need To See a Dentist

When you’re struggling with ongoing pain in your teeth, seeking dental services can be tricky to navigate. You may think that it will go away on its own with time or by changing your routine. However, putting off a visit to your family dental clinic can exacerbate the pain, resulting in an excruciating toothache.  Fortunately, […]

Flossing Your Teeth: Two Options and the Right Way to Do It

One part of good oral hygiene is regular flossing. It should take priority in your daily oral care routine and not just be an afterthought. However, most people admit that they do not floss regularly. Brushing your teeth may clean some parts of your mouth, but it often leaves the others unattended. Without flossing, you […]

Dental Implants and You

Dental Implants and You By Dr Jannen Tan BDSc (Hons) (Melb)   Having cared for and created countless smiles for over 10 years, I have noticed a greatly increasing interest in Dental Implants over the years. I’d like to cover the basics of Implants and invite you to let me show you how Dental Implants […]


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